developed and produced in Europe, more precisely in Austria 

kvm-tec convinces with a product range that leaves nothing to be desired

KVM Extender over IP – the latest generation of Full HD extenders. The comprehensive product range extends from Full HD extenders to 4K extenders, both with perfect video compression and zero latency, as well as an uncompressed product variant for a display without artifacts, e.g. medical applications. Of course, redundancy for safety-critical applications must not be missing. kvm-tec extenders transmit video and USB signals over long distances from 150m to 160km.

All features, like Mouse glide & Switch, 4 K Multiview Commander are software features. All extenders are compatible with standard network components in the matrix switching system up to 2000 endpoints and more and Full HD and 4K can be used in the mix. Access to virtual machines is possible via Gateway and Gateway2go. 

KVM Extender DVI, KVM Extender DVI-D, 4K Displayport Extender,
KVM Extender VGA & KVM Extender USB in CAT & Fiber

Of course, there is much more – you can read about it in kvm4future.

kvm-tec has three big passions




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IN-HOUSE DEVELOPMENT all technologies, like perfect video compression with zero latency, USB2.0, Switching Manager Software etc. were developed in-house and are therefore flexible and adaptable

MARKETING AND SALES – our goal is we keep it simple

We turn complex applications into flexible customized, future proofed, secure engineered & hardware optimized high performance KVM solutions and have great fun with the technology and the best

the kvm-tec solutions convince with a sensational price and are developed & produced in Europe – more precisely in Austria!

Organize your KVM

How to find the right KVM Extender and download area for all sheets and manuals


Full HD – KVM Extender over IP

Full hD gross 3

4K Displayportextender over IP

4K gross 2

4K Multiview Commander Systems

kvm Multiview commander 2

Gateway & Gateway2GO

Access to virtual machines and live pics from the Switching System

Header gateway2GO gross 3

Matrix Switching & Matrix Vario System

matrix vario gross 2

Switchingmanager Web & API

Switching API gross 1

KVM Network Security

Secure gross 2

KVM Solutions 4Future

How to upgrade an existing KVM system (manufacturer independent) to be ready for the future and enable remote workplaces in near real time.


How to make an existing KVM system (vendor independent) ready for the future and enable remote workplaces in near real time.

Know How Transfer

We like to share our know how with you – texts for tenders, glossary – the most important terms explained in  short words, know how & training, markets & playbooks